Workshop – Ecomondo, 4th November 2015

On November 4th, 2015 at the Legambiente Stand in Ecomondo 2015 a meeting took place between different actors operating in the waste field and, in particular, in the WEEE management sector: CAUTO Cooperative, Legambiente, CdCRAEE Consortium and a representative of Second Life project.

The workshop, entitled “Critical aspects and strenghts of implementation of current legislation regarding management of medical WEEE”, is part of action B8 aimed to the organisation of a national working table for the definition of guidelines in the field of management of discarded medical equipment. During the meeting the progress of Life-MED project was presented and the participants talked about the possibility of starting a new management system in order to reduce waste from medical electrical equipment and WEEE. The discussion brought to light several controversial aspects of the legislation and authorizations currently existing in the field of medical equipment disposal and any subsequent regeneration. The workshop was also an opportunity to compare various experiences of WEEE management and reuse achieved in different italian regions.

At the end of the meeting all participants undertook to organise another follow-up gathering in order to talk in depth about the problem  and to continue with the national consultation table.

More details are available in the following attachments:

- meeting minutes;

- progress report of the project;

- event flyer.