LIFE-MED, Medical Equipment Discarded – A new integrate system to reduce waste by medical equipment and medical WEEE

The coordinator beneficiary is Cantiere Autolimitazione (CAUTO), the associated beneficiary are Medicus Mundi attrezzature (MEMUA), The University of Brescia, Faculty of Engineering, Ateliere Fara Frontiere (AFF) and Legambiente Lombardia.

MED project deals with the management of discarded medical equipment and devices. The project addresses primarily the environmental problem of sustainable waste and natural management. It supports waste prevention programmes and measures to promote the application of the waste hierarchy.

It provides a reduction in the production of waste from health care facilities and veterinary clinics through the application of an integrated system that foresee the preventive donation of biomedical equipment and devices to organizations and associations in EU territory. At the end of the project Life-MED, the disposal of 100 ton of equipment will be avoided. Through a partnership with Ateliere Fara Frontiere, a Romanian association, the project has a direct transnational application.

The sustainability of the management of hospital waste will be addressed also through the analysis of the regulatory framework within a working table of consultation, composed of Italian institutional stakeholders in charge with these issues, (consortia, control authorities, government agencies in charge, sector trade associations).

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