ACTION A – Preparatory actions

Analysis of the state of the art in the management of disused medical equipment

From 01-07-2014 to 31-03-2015

Aim of Action 1:
to analyze the practices usually employed in the management of the phases of discard of medical equipment such ad instrument, apparatus, appliance, software, home health care equipment.

The involvement in the process of discard concerns all those medical institutions (i.e. healthcare centers, medical practices and veterinary clinics) employing this specific equipment, the subjects responsible for their disposal as waste and the potential recipients for donations of “used equipment”.

The analysis is necessary in order to identify both the critical aspects of the management system and the potentialities in terms of reduction of waste production and increase in the rate of recycled equipment.
We collect and process information relating to all the medical equipment with particular attention to instruments and appliances with electric or electronic components.
We analyse the data of some sample cases to study the most relevant information not available in literature and for the validation of information available in literature. The sample cases belong to two geographic areas: Northern Italy and Romania.

Expected results:
– Analysis of the technical and scientific literature concerning the management of medical WEEE.
– At least in-depth case-studies implemented