ACTION D – Communication and dissemination

D.1 – Communication and dissemination plan

Aim of the action D.1:

- to communicate, spread and promote the results achieved during the implementation of the project, to the interested subjects and to a wider audience at local and European level.

At the beginning of project a focused communication strategy has been developed to create a visual identity of the project.

A communication and dissemination plan has been developed and implemented, with these following items:
– definition of the image of the project through the creation of a logo and an editorial/graphic line.
– Planning and production of promotional materials (brochures, posters, promotional bags and so on). Materials are realised in a sustainable and ecological way. The texts are English, Italian and Romanian.
– Definition of the website pages contents.
– Realisation of 10 informative panels in EN/IT/RO to be located in strategic positions.
– Press releases, concerning all relevant events, to be published on the project website and other specific websites.

Legambiente Lombardia is the responsible of this action, supported by external expert for the designing of a communication strategy.

Expected results:

- n. 1000 visits to the project web pages.
– n. 10 press releases.
– n. 500 participants to the organised event (workshops in Italy and Romania, lessons at University, AIIC conferences).
– Promotional materials

Action in progress:

D.2 – Website and European networking

Aim of the action D2

To exchange information, knowledge and opportunities for the re-use of the materials and to promote and disseminate best practices and actions on the sustainable use of medical electronic devices.

The website provides the following information:
– beneficiaries’ profile and contacts
– information about the project
– developed activities
– achieved results
– legal information
– news and event
– newsletters
– digital informative materials
– useful links
Documentation produced under the project: deliverables, reports, brochures, newsletters, ppt files.

The pages are realised in three languages: English, Italian, Romanian.

To maintain an update website after the end of the project, new funding opportunities will be selected by the project partners.

Expected results:
– n. 1000 visits to the project web pages.

D.3 – Demonstrative days in Italy

• 3 demonstrative days in Italy
During the 3 years of the project, members of the communication and technical staff take part to annual national meetings of the AIIC, in order to present a general view of the project, the state of art and the results achieved.

• 1 scientific workshop in CAUTO and Medicus Mundi Attrezzature headquarters.
At the end of the 2016, CAUTO will organise a three-day international and technical workshop with three different sections: presentation of the results of the working table activities (Action B8); discussion about the management of the disposal and reuse of WEEE in the different European countries; visit to the warehouses, University laboratories and plants.
Participants: RREUSE network, Gruppo Abele (TO), Ospedale Poliambulanza (BS), Ospedale Don Gnocchi, the participants at demonstrative days in Bucharest and in Brescia, the organisations interested in the project and involved in the process of buying and dismissing equipment.

• 3 lessons in the University, Faculty of Clinical Engineering in Milan
Demonstrative days are organised in order to present the project to the final- year students of the Faculties of Clinical Engineering in Milan (Italy).

Expected results:

- n. 3 demonstrative days with AIIC (at least 50 participants each)
– n. 1 technical workshop (planned for 20 participants) in Brescia
– n. 3 lessons at the Clinical Engineering Faculty of Milan

D.4 – Demonstrative days in Romania

1 transnational demonstrative day
At the end of the 2015 Ateliere Fara Frontiere will organise a transnational demonstrative day, with the participation of CAUTO, Medicus Mundi Attrezzature and Ateliere Fara Frontiere staff members, different stakeholders, such as Europena social enterprises in resuse, repair and recycle sector, RREUSE, representatives of Romanian local authorities, Romanian hospitals and clinics, university of Bucharest.
The aim of the meeting is to present the results of the project, as a best practice in WEEE management.

3 lessons in the University, Faculty of Clinical Engineering in Bucharest
Members of the communication and technical staff give a lesson per year to the final-year students in order to present a general view of the project, the state of art and the results achieved.

Expected results:

- n. 1 transnational demonstrative day (planned for 80 participants)
– n. 3 lessons at the Medical Engineering Faculty of Bucharest

Action D4 – action in progress

In Romania the first lesson was realised on the 26th of May 2015 at Bucharest Faculty of Medical Engineering with the participation of  nearly 50 students, the faculty dean and a handfull of professors. Patrick Ouriaghli, director of Ateliere Fara Frontiere, a project partner, presented to the third and last year students the Life Med project, its objectives, partners, next steps and expected results until june 2017.

He insisted on the importance of reducing waste and favouring reuse of valuable equipment and proposed the students to be a part of the new integrated system, helping the project partners to get a grip of the medical equipment flow in Romania and launching a „solidarity path” to help poorer medical institutions to get proper equipment. He encouraged them to volunteer or be future trainees within Ateliere Fara Frontiere’s future medical equipment refurbishing laboratory in early 2016. The students were very receptive, as well as their professors, even more when they learnt that the first shipping of refurbished medical equipment from Italy to Romania will be at the benefit of Bucharest Faculty of Medical Engineering and its students organization, ASIM, with both of which Ateliere Fara Frontiere signed partnership agreements on the same day. So they can practice what they learn also at the university and become the skilled and experienced professionals the Romanian medical system needs.

D.5 – Life-MED final conference

Aim of the action D5:
– to present the realised activities and obtained results.

At the end of the project, a final conference will take place in Italy, to which experts from Environment DG, experts in waste management, experts of the third sector, representatives of the Italian Ministry of Environment, managers of the local authorities and other institutions, staff and consultants of other Life projects will be invited.

The conference agenda will be defined within months before the date foreseen for the event.

The conference will be held in Italian and English with simultaneous translation service.
A wide promotional campaign will be organised in order to reach as many potential participants as possible.

Expected results:
– reinforcement of relationship with European authorities
– wide spreading of the results at national and international level
– 200 participants

D.6 – Layman’s report

Aim of the action D6:
– to give a summary document of the project and to spread all the information in a simple, clear and concise manner.

At the end of the project activities, the project coordinator will prepare a 5-10-page official document, the “Layman’s report”, addressed to a non-specialised public, to present the project objectives, undertaken actions and results.
The document will be realise din paper and electronic format, in Italian and English.

Expected results:
– to increase the citizens’ awareness about environmental activities realised under the project.
– n. 500 coloured printed copies