Training Course – Brescia, January 20th-21st 2016

On 20th and 21st January 2016 two days of training focused on the “classification and waste management in health facilities” held at the headquarters of the Cauto Cooperative (via Buffalora 3/e, Brescia).

The aim of the course was to provide the technical and legislative tools to properly manage the waste cycle. In particular the new management methods were analysed, in order to reduce the amount of waste addressed to disposal and to encourage the recovery/recycling.

The course highlighted the characteristics and weaknesses of the new system of classification of waste, the new criteria, the interdisciplinary skills required, the aspects of the roles and the responsibilities of producers, both of the executor of the analysis and characterization, both of customers who then use them in waste management.

The course is part of the training days in Italy in order to achieve a greater diffusion of the project.

At the end of the course the Life-Med project was also presented, along with other LIFE projects involved in the recovery and recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), as PhotoLife project and WEEENModels project. It was an interesting newtorking meeting that allowed participiants to exchange inormation and learn about other LIFE projects focused on the recovery of waste.

More informations about the course are available in the schedule and in the extract of teachers’ presentations.

In order to know rather more in detail the activities of other LIFE projects that attended the networking: