Meeting in Regione Lombardia – 24th February 2016

On 24th February 2016 two meetings provided for by the national working table of consultation for the definition of guidelines in the field of management of discarded medical equipment held in Regione Lombardia. The two meetings involved respectively “Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development” and “Health” sectors of Regione Lombardia, in addition to the attendance of the following project partners: University of Brescia, Legambiente Lombardia, CAUTO and Medicus Mundi Attrezzature.

The subject of the discussion was the applicability of the regulations of Regione Lombardia (L.R. 33/2009 and D.G.R. n. X/2637 of 2014) regarding the chattel property discarded by medical and social facilities, in particular biomedical equipment, to non-working or partially working objects or devices that require the replacement of one or more components in order to be donated for humanitarian purposes in Italy or abroad.

More details are available in meeting minutes.